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Vivie and Victor Vegan Adventures: In Costa Rica



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Vivie and Victor Vegan Adventures: In Costa Rica

From the great state of Alaska in the United States to the sunny beaches of Central America, travel, healthy plant-based eating, and animal activism come together in the vibrantly illustrated and charmingly written “Vivie and Victor- Vegan Adventures” series. Family values, like kindness and compassion, are celebrated in this transracial family as Native Alaskan children, Vivie and Victor, visit new places, meet people from other cultures, and do their best to help animals. Parents and early readers (ages 6-10) will fall in love with these brave, yet relatable travelers. Morals are present, but not heavy handed as the family interacts with subject matter ranging from ocean pollution, which is discussed, to adoption, which is obvious, but undiscussed. Veganism is a backdrop to the story from both a health and ethical standpoint but is gently presented as just another fact of their life. Vivie and Victor learn about people and places and animals in a natural and unacademic way that reinforces the notion that children learn best when they are allowed to be curious, ask questions, and have access to nature.

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