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Supreme Shen Drops, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

An important shen tonic and a "Peaceful Spirit" formula.

Dragon Herbs

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Dragon Herbs

60 ml 2 fl. oz. Liquid

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Supreme Shen Drops, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

Supreme Shen Drops contains an extraordinary range of Shen tonic herbs, that have the power to calm the mind, stabilize the emotions and lift the spirit. It calms the mind and relieves anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and all sorts of emotional instability. It is also a very powerful brain tonic. Sustained use of this formula can improve memory and overcome mental exhaustion caused by overuse of the mind. This is an important and powerful Shen tonic. It is uplifting, spirit freeing extract of the premier Shen tonic herbs of the Orient. Contains a very concentrated, full dose of wild Reishi, Tibetan Rhodiola sacra and other major Shen tonics. Supreme Shen Drops is a quintessential Shen tonic formulation that may be used daily, or when needed to overcome emotional challenges.

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