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  • Ginseng Sublime, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

    The finest cultivated Ginsengs in the world. It is truly sublime.

    Ginseng Sublime is a premium full-spectrum Ginseng extract. It is made from the finest cultivated Ginsengs in the world, expertly extracted and blended as a single product, plus some wild and wildcrafted Chinese and American Ginseng Roots. This is a true Ginseng connoisseur's elixir. Ginseng Sublime is made from a variety of Chinese, Korean, American, Siberian and Himalayan Ginseng - roots. Ginseng Sublime is a very rich source of Ginseng saponins, possessing literally dozens of these precious ginsenosides, the primary adaptogenic agent of Ginseng. Head and shoulders above any other commercial brand of Ginseng on the market.

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  • Cordyceps, 100 Capsules, Dragon Herbs

    One of the absolute superstars of the Chinese tonic herbal system.

    Cordyceps sinensis is one of the most popular and widely respected herbs in the world. It has been revered for thousands of years in the Orient, but has historically been very rare. As a result of modern growing techniques, it is now available to everyone at a fraction of its traditional cost. It is a truly extraordinary tonic herb. Dragon Herbs Cordyceps Capsules are made with vegetarian Cordyceps, which has been proven to be almost as effective as the wild Cordyceps that now costs over $15million per ton.

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  • Tao in a Bottle, 60 Capsules, Dragon Herbs

    A Remarkable New Anti-Stress Formulation.

    Tao in a Bottle™ is a revolutionary new anti-stress formulation exclusively from Ron Teeguarden's Dragon Herbs that promotes profound relaxation without causing drowsiness. It promotes peaceful alertness and mental focus - the perfect Yin and Yang balance that nature intended. Tao in a Bottle™ does not cause drowsiness so it may be used by active individuals performing their normal daily (or nightly) tasks.

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  • Ron Teeguarden's Super Pill No. 2, 60 Capsules, Dragon Herbs

    Supports Healthy Aging, protects DNA & Telomeres, and counterbalances Inflammaging.

    A "super pill," by definition in Asia is a formulation that "does it all". Super Pill No.2™ has been produced with 100% naturally derived ingredients, extracted from the most powerful tonic herbs known to mankind. It is made using the most advanced nutraceutical technology in the world to assure potency, purity and efficacy. It has been designed to protect the fundamental processes of life from attack, destruction and aging. It protects our DNA and other cellular structures and functions from damage and premature degradation and aging, in numerous ways.

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  • Goji and Schizandra drops, 2 fl. oz., Dragon Herbs

    Five flavors, infinite benefits.

    Dragon Herbs' Number One Best Selling Tincture! According to the great Taoist Master Sung Jin Park, the blend can restore youthfulness, slow down aging, invigorate all twelve meridians, increase vitality, calm the nerves, nourish and cleanse our blood, protect the liver, strengthen the mind, improve sexual functioning for both men and women, improve respiratory functions and beautify the skin. Two of the greatest tonic herbs on earth, traditionally have been used together to nurture and protect the body and mind, creating an anti-aging elixir with powerful effects on our skin, eyes, sex life, detoxification functions, mental power and energy maintenance.

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  • Imperial Garden, 100 Capsules, Dragon Herbs

    A superb Jing tonic and Chinese "rejuvenation formula".

    Imperial Garden is a superb Jing tonic. It deeply nourishes both Yin and Yang, though it is considered to have a strong yang nature. It is used to strengthen the entire body, but it is also used as a Brain tonic. It is also highly regarded as a long term sexual tonic for both men and women. Imperial Garden is said to strengthen the legs and the back. It is considered to be a "rejuvenation formula" by the Chinese. Imperial Garden is one of the few powerful vegetarian Yang Jing tonics in the supertonic class of Chinese herbalism. This superb Essence tonic is suited to men and women of all ages.

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  • Maca Extreme, 8 oz (227g)

    Highly concentrated and bioavailable, micro-pulverized raw Maca root.

    Maca is an adaptogenic nutrient rich root that nourishes the endocrine-hormonal system, supports fertility and sexual energy, boosts strength and endurance and promotes longevity.

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  • Return to Youth Formula, 100 Capsules

    A "Rejuvenation formula", particularly a superb Yin and Yang Essence (Jing) strengthening tonic.

    Return to Youth Formula is one of the greatest of all tonic formulations, and is in particular a superb Yin and Yang Jing tonic. This formula influences primarily the Kidney function (both Yin and Yang). It is also considered to be a Heart, Liver and Spleen tonic. In addition, Return to Youth Formula is an excellent blood tonic. It is used to strengthen the entire body, and is especially respected as a brain tonic. It is also highly regarded as a long term sexual tonic for both men and women. Return to Youth Formula is used to strengthen the legs and the back. It is a major "rejuvenation formula". It may be used continuously and indefinitely as a primary Jing strengthening tonic.

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  • Rehmannia Six Combination, 100 Capsules

    A powerful Yin Essence (Jing) tonic, superb tonic for men and women over 50 years old.

    Rehmannia Six Combination is one of the most important and commonly used Yin Essence (Jing) tonics. It builds Yin Jing. It is a superb tonic for maintenance of Yin Essence in older men and women. Rehmannia Six has a broad range of applications.

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  • Eucommia Drops, 2 fl. oz.

    One of the very few balanced vegetarian Yang and Yin tonics.

    The bark of Eucommia ulmoides, a temperate rubber tree native to East Asia, was the second herb ever described in a written text on herbs and medicine in China, playing second fiddle only to Ginseng, "the King of Herbs." Shennong, the great founder of Chinese herbalism, described Eucommia as a superior herb that could "prolong life." Eucommia has remained a virtual icon of tonic herbalism in Asia for thousands of years. Eucommia bark is traditionally used to tonify the Kidney, Liver and Heart functions. It has a warm energy. Eucommia Drops is a full potency extract of superior grade Eucommia bark.

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  • Profound Essence, 100 Capsules

    A powerful primal essence restorative Jing-building formulation.

    Profound Essence is primarily a deeply restorative essence tonic, focusing heavily on Yin and Yang Jing. This formula is a very broad spectrum Jing-building formulation, with herbs that tonify all three Treasures. The overall effect of this formula is to replenish Jing, while preventing further loss of this primary treasure. It is suitable as a long term "restorative" Jing tonic for those who have been exhausted by overwork, excessive stress, pregnancy, substance abuse, chronic pain or chronic illness. It is also suitable for those who have reached mid-life or old age and who wish to replenish Jing, and who wish to further prevent degeneration.

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  • Buddha's Yang, 100 Capsules

    A powerful Yang Jing tonic that nurtures Yang Jing, the primal power of the body.

    Buddha's Yang is a powerful vegetarian Yang Jing tonic formulation. Yang tonics are important anti-aging formulations. They provide Yang energy that is exhausted by living. Yang tonics nurture Yang Jing, the primal power of the body. Premium quality herbs are extracted and spray dried at full potency to create this powerful product. This formulation tonifies the skeleton, strengthens the lower back and joints and it can be a powerful sex tonic. The formula is also extremely well suited to athletes who are looking for a potent Yang tonic to increase strength, power and endurance.

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  • Super 8 Kidney Tonic | A02, 100 Capsules

    A Chinese classic broad spectrum & powerful kidney tonic.

    Super 8 Kidney Tonic, also known as Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, is a formula having a broad range of application. It is especially useful as a kidney tonic for the middle aged and elderly. The herbs used in this formula, such as Rehmannia, Cornus and Dioscorea have the effect of strengthening the body and spirit. Poria and Alisma invigorate the spleen (in charge of assimilation food and liquids to produce blood and body fluids, as well mental activities), helps to eliminate dampness (manifest as phlegm or edema), strengthen the body, sooths the nerves, and are diuretic. Paeonia dispels liver fire and eliminates blood stasis, and is analgesic. In addition, Cinnamon and Aconite can increase kidney yang (the motive force of all physiological processes and the root of transformation and movement) and strengthen each organ's physiological function, thus preventing degeneration.

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