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Smart-E, sugar-free sweetener, 1.5 lbs.

Highly anticipated new natural sweetener - Better than sugar!

Global Sweet

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Global Sweet

680 grams 1.5 lb. Granules

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Smart-E, sugar-free sweetener, 1.5 lbs.

There is no other sweetener on the market today like Sweet-E. It is an exciting new sweetener now available after years of research and development. Sweet E is a unique fusion of two all-natural, GMO-free, healthy sweeteners: Smart Sweet erythritol and a high purity extract of the Stevia plant, offering the same sweetness as sugar with no aftertaste, additives, or masking agents. Just an all-natural great taste!
all natural | gmo free | zero calories | zero carbs | zero glycemic index | safe for diabetics
high digestive tolerance | tooth friendly | as sweet as sugar | no allergens | no aftertaste, additives, or masking agents

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