SERRAXYM Systemic Enzyme Supplement, 93 Capsules

A pure plant source of serratiopeptidase - a systemic enzyme that accelerates and supports musculoskeletal systems by promoting healthy muscles and joints.

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U.S. Enzymes

93 Capsules

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SERRAXYM Systemic Enzyme Supplement, 93 Capsules

SERRAXYM - (AAC) Accelerated Musculoskeletal Catalysts
The benefits of systemic enzymes have been researched and documented for over a century in which they have produced significant results with no known toxicity or negative side effects.
Systemic enzymes in Serraxym may:

• Support overall joint, tendon and cartilage function
• Promote circulatory health
• Support heart health
• Support the immune system
• Support the body’s natural inflammation response

SERRAXYM is a blend of Serratiopeptidase and Catalase in a proprietary mineral base designed to enhance the effects of the enzyme actions.

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