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MycoBotanicals Microbiome Powder, 100g, Host Defense

promotes balanced digestive functioning and a balanced immune response

Host Defense

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Host Defense

100 grams 3.52 oz Powder

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MycoBotanicals Microbiome Powder, 100g, Host Defense

Restore balance to your digestive system with help from MycoBotanicals Microbiome. Our formula helps optimize digestion and boosts your immune, liver and intestinal health. It's powered by a blend of probiotics plus prebiotic herbs and mycelium from Lion's Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms. Simply mix the powder into your favorite food or drink to feed the healthy microflora your body relies on for regularity and immune support. Microbiome nourishes your health by using certified organic mushroom mycelium. Host Defense mushrooms are grown and harvested in the USA to ensure quality and sustainability.

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