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Iron (Angstrom), 2 fl. oz., Mother Earth Minerals

Iron (Fe) is the basic mineral in human blood cells - the staff of life.

60 ml 2 fl. oz. Liquid

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Iron (Angstrom), 2 fl. oz., Mother Earth Minerals

• Iron is a key vitality mineral, along with oxygen.
• Together they build vitality, magnetism, beauty and optimism.
• Iron improves circulation, digestion, elimination, perspiration, and tissue oxidation.
• It also acts to build the immune system against colds.
• Vitamin C, particularly a complete natural vitamin C, amplifies the assimilation of iron.
• Iron is a very important cofactor in many types of enzymes and is associated with good mental cognition and functioning.
• Water-soluble iron, in ionic form, tends to increase vitality and general well-being, enhances resistance to infections, and stimulates energy and stamina.

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