Illumodine | Iodine Supplement, 2 fl. oz.

The best Iodine, by the newest technology 100% absorbable.

60 ml 2 fl. oz. Liquid

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Illumodine | Iodine Supplement, 2 fl. oz.

~100% bioavailable, Illumodine is a scalarized 2% tincture of singlet atoms of iodine (I-), 400 mcg per drop.
• Also referred to as " The Metabolic Mineral", it is extremely good for building ones health.
• Iodine is very important for the thyroid and other glands, brain function and mental health.
• It assists in the assimilation of key minerals, such as calcium and silica.
• Iodine seems to work as a monitor and controller in calcium and bone metabolism.
• It Regulates Estrogen production and may be helpful in protecting against breast cancer.
• Iodine has the highest frequency of all of Nature’s essential minerals and is known to be spiritually elevating.

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