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Help & Guidelines

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I can't login - Restore my Login - Click Here


I can't use my points




I Can't Use my Points

In order to use your points that were earned please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account:
    You can tell that you are actually logged in by seeing your name at the top right menu of the screen.
    If you are not logged in, you can still see your cart, but the top right menu will say:  " Log in / Create Account "

2. Make sure you have points in your balance:
    At the top right menu, click on your username and choose "My Points" 

3. In order to use points on your purchase:
    Go to the Cart screen
    At the bottom left of the screen, under "Spend My Points" use the slider to determine how many points will be used on this order.
    10 Points = $1



If you still have issues with using your points please contact us at [email protected]





I Can't Login - Chrome




I Can't Log in on Safari (Mac)


Step 1: Quick Test - open a 'Private window'

Click Command+Shift+N

Or, on the top menu, go to  File > New Private Window 


On the new window log in to DrCousensGlobal.com and see if now you can log in.

If Yes, it means your Safari is saving old data (cookies) that's preventing you from logging in. You can quickly fix that on Step 2 below.

If you still can not login on 'Private window', please contact us.


Step 2:  Delete Cookies for DrCousensGlobal.com

You can delete drcousensglobal.com cookies without loosing your Safari data and passwords for other websites.

1. On the Top menu, click Safari > Preferences



2. On the window that opens, choose Privacy

    Under "Remove all website data" click on Details


3. You will now see a list of all websites that are stored on your Safari browser.

In the little search window type: drcousensglobal

You will then see results from drcousensglobal




4.  Click on drcousensglobal - it will turn blue, and then below click Remove

that's it. Now try logging in again. 

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