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Eyes & Vision

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  • Tachyonized Eye Mask Deluxe and Ear Plugs

    Helpful for bringing balance to many issues as it directs life-force energy to the eyes and ears area.

    This Deluxe Eye Mask has a front pocket to hold a 24 or 32mm Energy Cell at the level of the third eye, and it comes with a set of ear plugs that have small Tachyonized Energy Cells inside of them.

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  • Tachyonized Eye Pillow

    The Tachyonized Eye Pillow is the most powerful eye support tachyon antenna, balancing a variety of issues, reducing stress, pain and tension.

    This Tachyonized Eye Pillow, with matching pillowcase, is made of blended cotton and filled with tiny Tachyonized beads. Because the glass beads are heavy, the Eye Pillow is not filled to capacity. Please know, this is a very effective tool even though it is not completely filled. This is the same eye pillow that is part of the cocoon kit. It is stronger than the eye mask and designed for use while lying down, especially for a bodywork session or self healing.

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  • Optique 1 Eye Drops 10 doses



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